Aeroplane Monthly 1982-06
The Shuttleworth Bristol Boxkite reproduction taking off from Old Warden on August 30, 1981.
John and Jenny Pothecary swanning along in their 1932 Robinson Redwing a year or two ago. Celebrating its 50th year, the Redwing is still active today.
This Finnish Air Force Gloster Gauntlet II GT-400, ex-RAF K5271, is currently under restoration at the Air Force Technical School at Halli, Finland. An Alvis Leonides engine has been installed in the absence of a Bristol Mercury and the aircraft is due to fly this summer.
Photograph taken on June 3, 1938, shows Short Sunderland I L2160 flying over Felixstowe during fuel jettison tests shortly before delivery to No 210 Sqn
The Swiss-registered Fairchild F-24 Argus <...>
Why not fly a Scorpion? It's ridiculously cheap to buy and run - less than £3 an hour running costs - the first production The SCORPION is a really rugged machine - we've used only the best materials on her - we think she deserves them - Her performance needs to be seen to be believed - so we don't propose to blind you with science - but can we suggest that you contact your local dealer and see for yourself - we think you will agree that we have produced - after many hours of sweat and toil - the best microlight around, at a price which won't upset the wife. Available in single or dual seat version.