Aeroplane Monthly 1982-09
P.Jarrett - Grapevine
The newly arrived Dornier Do24T in the RAF Museum car park at Hendon.
First aircraft to arrive at Manchester’s up-and-coming Air and Space Museum, housed in the restored City Hall, Liverpool Road, was Miles Magister 1 T9707. It came from the RAF Museum via RAF Abingdon, where it had undergone some restoration work. The Maggie was moved into City Hall on July 15, 1982.
Shuttleworth's Bristol Fighter now has new wings and a First World War paint scheme. It is seen here at the end of July 1982, minus its Rolls-Royce Falcon engine.
A surprise visitor to Shuttleworth’s Military Air Pageant on July 25, 1982 was the Hon Patrick Lindsay in his Sopwith Triplane reproduction G-BHEW/N5430. Regrettably, it was not able to take part in the display. Built by Personal Plane Services, the Triplane is powered by a 160 h.p. Siemens engine from a Bucker Jungmeister
The Royal Scottish Museum was the single biggest buyer at the Strathallan Auction last year, and most of the five machines it acquired are on show at East Fortune. They include General Aircraft Cygnet G-AGBN, Puss Moth VH-UQB (shown) and D.H84 Dragon VH-SNB.