Aeroplane Monthly 1984-02
F.Winstanley - Those Celluloid Flying Fools (2)
Reg Denny's Sopwith Snipe E6938. This aircraft survived and was rebuilt by Jack Canary in the Fifties and can be seen today in the National Aeronautical Collection at Rockcliffe.
Roy Wilson flying an S.E.5a during the filming of Hell's Angels in 1928.
Roy Wilson after an accidental prang in a Fokker DVII during the shooting of Hell’s Angels. Wilson was assistant chief pilot under Frank Clarke.
A Standard SJ-1 immediately after a “runaway” stunt in the late Twenties.
RKO's Bristol fighter at Glendale in 1930. It was used for filming and appeared in background shots. It was probably burned up eventually in a crash scene.
The original Flying Fools: fourth from the right is William Boyd, alias Hopalong Cassidy.
Filming Stearmans during another “Speed Hardy" potboiler for RKO.
Filming a “Speed Hardy" potboiler in the early Thirties. The aircraft are Stearman C-3s and the chap running away has obviously had enough.
A Thomas Morse Scout is catapulted from a ramp and dives into a “French” farmhouse. The stunt backfired several times, each reshoot accounting for the loss of a perfectly good aircraft.
One of the Timm modified Travel Airs (Model 3000) at Glendale in the late Thirties.