Aeroplane Monthly 1984-12
Personal album
This photograph of a Dornier Do 24 was taken after the war when Mr Halgrimson was travelling between Celle and Flensburg. The nose and dorsal turrets have been removed, as has the centre engine's propeller.
This Focke-Wulf Fw 190D, c/n 211016, was photographed at either Goch or Achmer. The code 14 has been painted out and it appears that the American star, without the bars, has been painted on the fuselage.
This Dornier Do 217, number Air Min 7, is seen minus its rudders, probably at Flensburg, Germany.
A Typhoon of 440 Squadron probably at Goch in 1945. Squadron codes, not visible here, were 18.
Junkers Ju 88G-7c c/n 622838, Air Min 48 is seen, probably at Flensburg, with German, RAF and RCAF personnel around it. The aircraft was later exhibited at Hyde Park, London in September 1945, and was also seen at the Enemy Aircraft Exhibition at RAE Farnborough during October and November of that year. The Ju 88 was painted with two-tone blue-grey top surfaces and blue undersurfaces.
Wellington Mk VIII NC660, supposedly taken at Eindhoven. Mr Halgrimson is seen standing beneath the nose. Note the Typhoon fuselage sections in the background. This general reconnaissance version of the Wellington was powered with two Hercules XVII engines. NC660 was built at Blackpool and spent much of its life with maintenance units, finally being struck off RAF charge in 1947.
Fw 200C-4 Condor, Air Min 97, photographed at Achmer, was one of several Condors flown to the UK in 1945.