Aeroplane Monthly 1976-10
I.Best-Devereux - Antiques at Oshkosh
Although not a veteran, C. B. Shivers’ 7/8 scale Curtiss Jenny seems more at home among antiques, although its fuselage and tail are of EAA biplane origin.
Leading the History of Flight flypast was this 65 h.p. Continental-powered Demoiselle replica.
Heading picture shows a trio of Stearmans with wing-mounted damsels.
Lee Parsons’ Waco QCF-2 three-seater first flew in 1931 and has a 220 h.p. Continental R670-11A.
Another "historic” replica was Dale Crite’s "Silver Streak” Curtiss Pusher.
The Stinson Junior of 1929/30 led to the famous Reliant.
The Hamilton Metalplane. It has a 525 h.p. Pratt & Whitney Hornet and carries the colour of Northwest Airlines, who flew nine of them on their routes.
The "office’' belongs to the Hamilton Metalplane.
Mike Murphy’s reconstruction of the 1912 Bellanca monoplane was another aircraft which served to remind visitors of the progress made over six decades.
Grand Champion Vintage Aircraft was this OXX-5 powered 1927 American Eagle 101 three-seater, owned by Robert Groff and Claude Gray of California.
Winner of the "Silver Age - Outstanding Closed Circuit’’ award was the 1928 Star Cavalier, restored by Gary Hanson of Minneapolis.
Painted to represent Chamberlain’s transatlantic Columbia of the 1930’s, this Bellanca CH-300 was restored as a CH-400 with a 450 h.p. Pratt & Whitney by Preston Snyder.