Air International 1980-10
Два МиГ-21ПФ 921-го ИАП ВВС ДРВ на стоянке аэродрома Ной Бай. Фото 1966-1967 гг.
Чрезвычайно тяжелая обстановка весны-лета 1966г., вкупе со сложными метеорологическими условиями дождливого сезона, довольно сильно затянули освоение летным составом 921-го ИАП ВВС ДРВ сверхзвуковых истребителей МиГ-21, но к середине осени "процесс пошел", и вьетнамские летчики постепенно овладевали тонкостями боевого применения этих перехватчиков.
MiG-21s receiving the attention of ground crews at an unknown base in North Vietnam during the period of hostilities against South Vietnam. The reference to a B-52 being shot down by a VPAAF fighter is controversial, as USAF records indicate that all 17 Stratofortresses lost to enemy action were destroyed by surface-to-air missiles.
Shown publicly for the first time at Farnborough last month, the single-seat derivative of the tandem-seat MB-339 trainer is known as the MB-339K Veltro (Greyhound) 2, perpetuating the name of the wartime MC-205V single-seat fighter, perhaps the most efficacious of Italian warplanes of WWII. The Veltro 2 light close-support aircraft has two 30-mm DEFA cannon and can carry up to 4,000 lb (1815 kg) of ordnance on six wing pylons.
Boeing restored. A photo of the newly-refurbished Boeing 80-A. Boeing Air Transport was the first to hire registered nurses 50 years ago and they first flew on this type of aircraft. Boeing Air Transport became United Air Lines later on. This aircraft will be the centrepiece of the soon-to-be-constructed Pacific Northwest Aviation Historical Foundation (which may be shortened to Pacific Museum of Flight) or “Red Barn Air Park”, which includes the original Boeing "Red Barn" building.
With financial backing from the National Research Development Corporation, NDN Aircraft Ltd has embarked upon its second new aircraft project, the NDN 6 Fieldmaster. Powered by a 750 shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-34AG turboprop, the Fieldmaster is an agricultural aeroplane at the top end of the size range, with a number of novel features. The prototype is expected to fly in mid-1981.