Reid and Sigrist R.S.3 Desford / R.S.4 Bobsleigh
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1945

Twin-engined two-seat Ab initio and Intermediate Trainer
Rare photo, sent to us by Brandon J. White, of the sole Reid and Sigrist RS.3 Desford as it appeared on roll-out at Desford, Leics., in early 1945. The aircraft now forms part of the Strathallan Collection
The Reid & Sigrist Desford Twin-engined Trainer (two 130 h.p. D.H. Gipsy Major Series I engines).
The one and only Desford Trainer G-AGOS awaiting C. of A. renewal at Christchurch.
The Desford at Eastleigh in the early 1960's
Part of the Strathallan Collection on display - Prentice G-AOLU/VS356 (foreground) with Harvard IIB G-AZBN/FT391 behind it, then Magister G-AHUJ/R1914, Texan G-AZJD and Desford G-AGOS/VZ728, all of which are airworthy. On the extreme left is visiting Yak-11 G-AYAK. In the background is Hurricane IIB G-AWLW/”P3308"
Reid and Sigrist Desford