Air Pictorial 1961-12
SP-LSB, one of the new Polish IL-18s now working into London;
Boeing B-17Gs N9563Z (ex-44-49563) and N5229V (ex-44-83883 and Navy 77243) are now at Bovingdon with N5232V. Also at Bovingdon is the fuselage of the ex-Israeli 44-83811 from Croydon.
HK-724, first of two Boeing 720Bs for AVIANCA of Colombia, taking off from Renton on its first flight. They will fly between Bogota and Frankfurt
Curtiss C-46R N10435 of Trans Atlantic Airlines, a new operator using Gatwick and other major British airports
A Super Starfighter for Germany gets "cold treatment" in Florida. It will be tested for two months to prove the serviceability of the aircraft systems at temperatures up to 120 and down to -65 F. This climatic hangar also duplicates rain and humidity
Picture shows 512, one of the Ethiopian T-28s, at Aden 10/10/61
Sweden's high-performance interceptor, the SAAB J35A Draken, is now equipped with four Sidewinder infra-red homing missiles and SAAB S6 fire control. Capable of Mach 1.8 at altitude, the J35A has an initial rate of climb of nearly 40,000 ft./min.
Ghana Airways' first AN-12 freighter 9G-AAZ at Gatwick 22/10/61
Eight D.H.C.4 Caribous and twelve D.H.C.3 Otters have been ordered by the Ghana Air Force. This picture show the first Caribou, G400, at Downsview awaiting the top of its fin
Indonesia has taken up its option on a further five Lockheed C-130B Hercules transports, making ten in all. One of these is seen setting off on delivery
Breguet 1150 Atlantic in French Navy colours. First flight was on 21st October and the type is expected to be ordered by Belgium, Holland and West Germany as well as France, which has already placed a contract for twenty-seven aircraft
Lockheed 749A F-BAZP, which found the wreck of Dakota G-AMSW 7/10/61. Ex-Air France, it is used for search and rescue along with F-BAZJ, 'ZM, 'ZO, 'ZS and 'ZT
Eight D.H.C.4 Caribous and twelve D.H.C.3 Otters have been ordered by the Ghana Air Force. This picture show G307, the seventh Otter
ROBEY-PETERS. This photograph shows to advantage the gunners' nacelles on the Robey-Peters Davis-gun three-seater. It also shows how difficult the aircraft must have been to land - note the position of the pilot's cockpit
Now being tested in this Vulcan, the new Rolls-Royce Spey by-pass jet, two of which are installed in the inboard nacelles, is being developed for the D.H. Trident and B.A.C. One-Eleven. A military version of the Spey will power the Buccaneer S.2. The Vulcan is flying from the R.-R. Flight Test Establishment at Hucknall, Notts.
Impression of the B.A.C. One-Eleven in Braniff colours
Built thirty-two years ago, this Lockheed Vega is being used to help in tests with new U.S. radar ground equipment. Made almost entirely of wood, she has low radar reflectivity and can still touch 180 m.p.h. and climb to 20,000 ft. Known as "Old 72", her serial number, she and three others are all that remain of the 130 Vegas built
The second Dassault Mirage IV, "02", first of the pre-production series, made its maiden flight from Villaroche on 12th October. The aircraft is powered by two SNECMA Atar 9s
The Sunderland in French Navy markings with the code 50.S.9
The Luftwaffe Vega-Gull with Swedish registration
Boeing Stearman 75 Kaydet LQ-GAZ is flown privately with an enclosed cockpit
The Hansa W.33 Brandenburg
After service with the R.A.F. as XA274 and several years in storage, Marathon I G-AMHT was brought out for engine runs at Shoreham 28/10/61. Its previous C. of A. expired 29/11/52
Mock-up of the Hispano HA-56 (later to be designated HA-230), which uses many components of the single-engined HA-200 Saetta
Navigators for Swedish Air Force SAAB J-32B all-weather fighters are now being trained on the aircraft's fire-control system in special Tp.83 (Pembroke) flying classrooms fitted with J32B-type radomes
LV-ZGH, the IAe El Boyero built in 1940 by the Fabrica Militar de Aviones and powered by a 65-h.p. Continental
The one and only Desford Trainer G-AGOS awaiting C. of A. renewal at Christchurch.