Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
S.Stephenson - Southern Cross reborn
Replica VH-USU - it carries the same registration as the original­bound for Tamworth, NSW from Archerfield Aerodrome, Brisbane on November 23 last year.
The replica landing at Bankstown on November 7, 1987.
The replica taxying under the power of its three seven-cylinder Jacobs radials.
The new "Southern Cross" during its first flight on 14th August 1987. Note tailwheel
G. U. “Scotty” Allan, a regular pilot of the original Southern Cross in the late Twenties, reminisces to the media in front of the replica at Sydney on November 6 last year. Note his Royal Flying Corps tie.
The replica’s modern instrumentation is offset by the varnished wooden control wheels.
The interior of the replica, looking forward.
Another view of the interior.