Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
Personal album
Handley Page H.P.12 G-EALZ, ex-J2243, was registered to Handley Page Ltd in December 1919 and operated by Handley Page Transport Ltd until withdrawn from service that December.
This Handley Page W.8b of Handley Page Trans­port Ltd is pictured on June 13, 1922 on the day it was used to fly a group of women on a rose-selling expedition to Paris. Gordon Olley can be seen suitably attired.
Hawker Hind K6680 of 103 Squadron, based at RAF Andover and later at RAF Usworth. The squadron had Hinds on strength from August 1936 until October 1940. This particular Hind passed to 26 ERFTS, RAFC and 15 FTS before being shipped to the South African Air Force in October 1941.
Westland Wapiti IIA K1145 in company with K1336. No 607 Squadron operated Wapitis from December 1932 until January 1937. K1336 went to the Royal Canadian Air Force in October 1937, becoming aircraft No 535.
Avro Anson I K8814 of 224 Squadron, part of a batch delivered to the RAF between April and September 1937, pictured over the River Tyne. K8814 later passed to the Royal Canadian Air Force, becoming aircraft 6112 in 1940.
Two Hawker Demons of 607 Squadron (County of Durham) RAuxAF, based at RAF Usworth in the Thirties. No 607 Squadron had Usworth as its base from March 1930 until August 1939, when it moved to Abbotsinch. K5687 and K5686 became 2198M and 2030M respectively in 1940.
Two 607 Squadron Demons up from RAF Usworth in the Thirties. K5683 was the first of a batch of 59 Demon Is delivered to the RAF between September 1936 and July 1937.
Avro Ten G-ABLU, named Apollo for Imperial Airways was used for general charter work, replacing Avro Ten G-AASP Achilles for use by the Iraq Petroleum Company Ltd on desert pipeline patrol work. After a period in the Near East it returned to the UK in 1933 for use on European charter work, based at Le Bourget, was written off on December 30, 1938.
Vickers Vulcan G-EBLB in Imperial Airways livery. Registered in May 1925, 'LB was lost in a take-off crash from Croydon on July 13, 1928.
Handley Page W.9 Hampstead G-EBLE was registered to Imperial Airways in January 1926 and named City of New York. The date and location of the incident depicted here is not recorded, though the aircraft was subsequently repaired and exported.
Avro 504N K1807 of 607 Squadron was part of a batch delivered to the RAF between September and October 1930. The incident depicted here occurred at RAF Usworth and the 504N was struck off RAF charge in March 1934.
The view of the Handley Page O/10 G-EATK, ex-32262, registered to Handley Page Ltd in July 1920 and operated by Handley Page Transport Ltd. Between December 1921 and May 1922 it was fitted with a pair of Bristol Jupiter engines which greatly enhanced the performance. The picture shows Gordon Olley in the cockpit, left. After testing by Olley, 'TK was put into storage at Cricklewood in June 1922 and scrapped at the end of the year.