Aeroplane Monthly 1988-02
H.Levy - Champlin Fighter Museum (1)
The beautiful Sopwith Snipe replica built for Champlin by Richard Day of Colonia, NJ. Painted in RAF colours of the early Twenties, the aircraft is fitted with a Continental R-670 in place of the original’s Bentley B.R.2.
The museum’s Fokker Dr I replica, photographed soon after completion by Dr Richard Coughlin at Syracuse, NY in 1972. The aircraft is on display in the museum in the same black colour scheme and markings.
Champlin’s Albatros D Va replica, built by Arthur Williams in Germany and Jim and Zona Appleby in California.
The Nieuport 27 replica completed for the museum by Carl Swanson and Jerry Thornhill in 1980.
Ed Swearingen's stunning Fokker D VIII replica, acquired by Doug Champlin in 1980, is based on the Caproni Museum’s original and on information supplied by designer Reinhold Platz.
Champlin's Sopwith Triplane replica, built by Carl Swanson and delivered to the museum in 1984. Wearing the colours of Black Prince from Flt Lt Raymond Collishaw’s B Flight of Naval 10, it is fitted with a 130 h.p. Clerget rotary engine.
The cockpit of the Sopwith Triplane, complete with big brass switches and a Type 5/17 compass.
A rare original: the museum’s Aviatik D I, which survived through World War Two hidden in a Barn belonging to its designer, Julius von Berg.
Jim Appleby’s first Fokker E III - 1962.