Air International 1988-02
One of the rarely-illustrated Hurricane Is received by the TUAF (Turkish Air Force).
On the occasion of the 1987 Fincastle Competition, held at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia, the locally-based CP-140 Aurora serial 140107 of 415 Maritime Patrol Squadron was "clandestinely painted with sharkmouths, on the night of 2 October 1987 while the opening ceremonies... were being conducted". The event was won by the Nimrod of No 201 Squadron, RAF Kinloss.
To fill a gap in our photo-coverage of the Portuguese Air Force, Joao Carlos Costa Roque Santos provides this illustration of a recently-delivered P-3P Orion, seen at Montijo air base on 28 June 1987 on the occasion of the 35th anniversary celebrations of the FAeP.
Another special paint job, marking 30 years' existence of the Luftwaffe's LTG61.
The "new" Lysander OO-SOT, brought back to airworthiness in Belgium.
Two Heinkel He 111F-0s of the TUAF (Turkish Air Force).
To mark the completion of 20 years' service and 500,000 flying hours by the C160 Transall in Armee de I'Air last November, this example (C 160F5) was specially painted by the 61e Escadre de Transport at Orleans-Bricy. The tail insignia is that of COTAM - two ducks towing a tortoise.
Hurricane BW880 was one of a batch of 50 built by Canadian Car and Foundry against an Air Ministry contract and later transferred to the RCAF. Eventually modified to Sea Hurricane XIIA standard, it is shown here at Rockcliffe in September 1943 with a Merlin III and no deck landing hook.
Another of the 50 "BW" Hurricanes transferred to the RCAF, BW835 is here shown at Rockcliffe as a Sea Hurricane XIIA: note the arrester hook, propeller spinner and “Royal Navy" inscription above the serial number.