Air Pictorial 1955-12
STRESS WRINKLES. This photograph, selected by "Boffin", of the Boeing XB-52 Stratoforrress graphically illustrates pronounced stress wrinkles in the fuselage skinning, when at rest on the ground.
One of the first photographs to reveal the air-to-air miss ile launchers under the wings of the Chance Vought F7U-3M (Missile Carrier) Cutlass.
Civil registration letters PH-NIV are shown in this recent photograph of the prototype Fokker F.27 Friendship
The Fokker "Friendship"
The revised, double-taper leading edge will be incorporated on all production Avro Type 698 Vulcans as shown on VX777, the second prototype.
Making a high-speed, low-level pass, the standard production Vickers Valiant B.Mk.I (WZ365) shows clearly the build-up of vapour over the cockpit, wings and pod-mounted fuel tanks.
This fine action study taken at this year's S.B.A.C. Display by the Shell Film Unit reveals the planform of the Sapphire-powered English Electric P.1. This is the second prototype - WG760 was the first - and is one of five which precede the pre-production order for twenty of these supersonic, single-seat interceptors.
Reader E. L. Wood has photographed the Southern Martlet, G-AAYX, at Shoreham, mentioned by Mr. J. Arnold in Letters.
On the 3rd September, Squadron Leader J. S. Fifield, D.F.C., A.F.C., was ejected from a Meteor Mark 7 whilst taking off from th e runway at Chalgrove Airfield, Oxon. This is the first time in the history of world aviation that this feat has been performed, and no other ejector seat in the world can compare with this performance. This marks a red letter day in the history of escape from aircraft at ground level.