Air Pictorial 1977-08
J.Rawlings - Greenham Commons
One of the Royal Australian Navy's Skyhawks, N13-154907 "886” of VF-805 Squadron, floats past in landing attitude
U.S.A.F. Fairchild A-10A 75-00293 of the 355th TFW produced some dramatic effects in Greenham's damp air
Tiger-striped CF-104G Starfighter 104838 of No. 439 Sqn., C.A.F.
Unusual participant at Greenham was Westland Wasp "236" of No. 860 Squadron, R. Netherlands Navy. R.A.F. Puma behind
R.A.N. Tracker N12-153598 "841" of VS-816 from H.M.A.S. "Melbourne" (participant in the Spithead Review), seen in Greenham's static park
Tiger-marked TF-15A Eagle 75-088 of the U.S.A.F.'s 53rd TFS ran the entire length of the runway on its tail to complete its display
Spanish A.F. CASA C.212 Aviocar "741:13" of No. 741 Escuadron carried out a supply drop; also present was "741:32"
Cessna T-37Cs of the Portuguese A.F.'s vivacious new aerobatic team
The Portuguese Cessna T-37Cs with R.A.F. No. 11 Squadron Lightnings beyond and Jaguars, Super Mysteres, Starfighters, etc. opposite