Air Enthusiast 2006-07
D.Willis - V for Variety /Air forces/ (2)
Venezuela operates both OV-10A (including 1990, ex 68-3795) and OV-10Es, the aircraft reportedly having been upgraded to a common standard
Three USAF OV-10As at Ubon in Thailand in April 1971.
Marshalling an OV-10A at Ubon, Thailand. The sponson weapon pylons, the centre-line station and the removable fuselage tailcone are visible.
The German OV-10Bs were unique as they were unarmed and all but one was equipped with a single seat in the cockpit, a winch operator residing in the cabin: 99+30 at Lubeck, 1989.
Venezuelan OV-10A 1990 (ex 68-3795).
OV-10s wearing ‘Spraylat’ and stored at the yard of Air Pro/Western International at Davis-Monthan, Arizona, October 1994.
European-based OV-10A of the 601st TCW at a UK airshow, early 1980.
'Demobbed' OV-10A N97LM at Boise, Idaho, October 1996.
OV-10A N401DF '310' of the California Department of Forestry at Hemet Valley, 1997.
Cockpit detail of a Venezuelan OV-10.
The distinctive feature of the OV-10D variants was the longer nose, illustrated at Cherry Point, October 1998 on a Marines' example from VMO-1.
Detail view of a Thai OV-10C.
Externally, the Thai OV-10Cs were similar to the OV-10A; Don Muang June 1971.
A Cessna O-2 and an OV-10A over the Nakhon Phanom range, May 1970.
Top: OV-10D NOGS as projected with no under fuselage sponsons and gun turret.
Bottom: OV-10B(Z) with podded J85-GE-4.
North American Rockwell OV-10D Bronco with, inset, OV-10A.
A Cessna O-2 and an OV-10A over the Nakhon Phanom range, May 1970.
Rockwell International XFV-12.
The unique configuration of the XV-11A Marvel can be judged by this view of the aircraft prior to it being handed over to the Southern Museum of Flight.