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D.Willis - V for Variety /Air forces/ (3)
Few aircraft programmes have had as difficult a time as the Bell/Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor assault transport - and survived to enter full-scale production.
At one point it was hoped that the V-22 Osprey would be in service with the Marines by the mid-1990s. Of the original five FSD aircraft two were written-off, although 162912 (illustrated) survived to be struck-off charge on March 24,1999.
EMD MV-22 164941, dispensing flares, was converted as the first CV-22 development aircraft for the VS Special Operations Command.
The V-22 Ground Test Vehicle powered up for the first time at Arlington on October 25, 1988.
Third FSD YV-22A 163913 during carrier compatibility trials.
YV-22A 163913 was the third FSD aircraft.
The fabulous V-22 Osprey
The Osprey was also proposed for naval AEW.
Bell produced a series of artists' impressions showing a variety of Osprey missions, including urban evacuation and special forces.
Bell/Boeing CV-22 Osprey
Early Bell JVX study
UV-18A 79-23255 passed to the US Army 'Golden Knights' after it was relinquished by the Alaskan ANG: Seymour-Johnson, October 1998.
Both of the USAF’s UV-18Bs are operated in support of the Academy’s parachute programme: N70465 (77-0465) at Peterson, October 1996.
Both of the XV-15As outside at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center in April 1981.
N703NA, the second of the two XV-15As, during its time with NASA at Dryden, October 1980.
Bell XV-15A
Dominion Skytrader Scout