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A.Thomas - Light Blue Fishes /World war two/
Painted all-black for its night role, an Albacore sitting in dispersal at Manston carrying a full load of flares underwing; radar aerials on the wing struts and fuselage are also visible
Albacore I X9232 of the Aden Communications Flight at Khormaksar in early 1946. W/O L Scarlett is second left.
The last operational use of the Albacore was by 119 Squadron at Knokke-le-Zoute in Belgium, where they were used for hunting enemy mini-submarines in the Scheldt estuary
In Ceylon, a single Albacore was attached to 11 Squadron for photographic duties in May 1942. It is shown taking off from Kalutra strip.
Largest RAF user of the Albacore outside of the UK was the Aden Communications Flight; X9287 illustrated in early 1946.
A view of an Albacore at RAE Farnborough - an explanation of the payload under the centre section and the ‘aerials' on the cowling would be appreciated. It is believed to be N4380, which served at RAE during November and December 1941.
During a fighter affiliation exercise near Bosham, Hants, on April 9, 1944, Albacore X9117 of 415 Squadron crashed while making a low turn, killing all four on board.
Fairey Albacore I
The RAF's first operational use of the Albacore was in Malaya when a few were used alongside the Vildebeeste of 36 Squadron. One of these lies derelict in Singapore, a mute testimony to that ill-fated campaign.