Air Enthusiast 2006-09
The Editor takes little persuasion to illustrate PC-6s. Austrian Air Force PC-6/B2-H2S, 1996.
At Dubai in 1995, a PC-6/B2-H4 of the UAE Air Force
Peter Green has sent in this view of Saunders Roe Lerwick L7257 'TA-R' of 4 Operational Conversion Unit. We featured the Lerwick AZ125 and recorded that L7257 sank at its moorings at Ivergordon on November 11, 1941. Despite the considerable efforts required, it was clearly salvaged, albeit for spares recovery. As Peter says, it shows just how versatile 'Queen Mary' transporters were. He noted that the trailers had a load capacity of 3 tons, though a few were upgraded to 4 tons. He wonders how much a stripped-out Lerwick fuselage would weigh.