Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
Ala Littoria’s Ca 133 I-AXUM at Addis Ababa. Military Ca 133s may be seen in the background.
The Caproni Ca 148 used by the president of the Italian Aeroclub, seen at Lido Airport, Venice, in 1951.
Ca 101 I-ABCQ.
Ca 101 I-ABCB with NAA’s bird crest on the fin.
This view of Nord Africa Aviazione’s Ca 101 I-ABCB shows the layout, Jupiter nose engine and outboard Lynx.
The Caproni C.101 Bomber Monoplane (three 370 h.p. Piaggio "Stella VII" engines).
Piaggio Stella-powered Ca 101 I-ABMA, with mainwheel spats and cowled engines, appears to have been a photographic aeroplane but has been reported as the bomber prototype.
Ca 101 I-AAZA with three 240 h.p. Walter Castor engines.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S paint­ing shows Nord Africa Aviazione’s Caproni Ca 101 Stella Marina.
Societa Aerea Mediterranean Ca 97 with Walter Mars engines and metal propellers. This had modified ailerons and a tailwheel.
Caproni Ca 97 I-AALF with Piaggio-built Jupiter IV, two-bladed propeller and large spinner. It had the original narrow-chord ailerons.
The Jupiter-engined Ca 97 built in Hungary by Manfred Weiss and fitted with four-bladed propeller. This view shows the modified tail bracing.