Aeroplane Monthly 1991-12
J.Stroud - Wings of Peace
The Caproni Ca 148 used by the president of the Italian Aeroclub, seen at Lido Airport, Venice, in 1951.
Ala Littoria’s Ca 133 I-AXUM at Addis Ababa. Military Ca 133s may be seen in the background.
Ca 101 I-ABCB with NAA’s bird crest on the fin.
Ca 101 I-ABCQ.
This view of Nord Africa Aviazione’s Ca 101 I-ABCB shows the layout, Jupiter nose engine and outboard Lynx.
The Caproni C.101 Bomber Monoplane (three 370 h.p. Piaggio "Stella VII" engines).
Piaggio Stella-powered Ca 101 I-ABMA, with mainwheel spats and cowled engines, appears to have been a photographic aeroplane but has been reported as the bomber prototype.
Ca 101 I-AAZA with three 240 h.p. Walter Castor engines.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S paint­ing shows Nord Africa Aviazione’s Caproni Ca 101 Stella Marina.
Societa Aerea Mediterranean Ca 97 with Walter Mars engines and metal propellers. This had modified ailerons and a tailwheel.
The Jupiter-engined Ca 97 built in Hungary by Manfred Weiss and fitted with four-bladed propeller. This view shows the modified tail bracing.
Caproni Ca 97 I-AALF with Piaggio-built Jupiter IV, two-bladed propeller and large spinner. It had the original narrow-chord ailerons.