Air International 1992-10
M.Badrocke - Russian Revelations
Under the Sukhoi Su-25K 'Frogfoot' was this large box-like store housing night vision equipment. Its production status is unknown.
Supersonic ramjet and rocket-powered air-to-surface anti-ship missile carried on the centreline station of the naval Su-27K 'Flanker' at Zhukovsky. More than 9.5m in length and designated ASM MSS, the weapon has its own launch carrier and is reported to have a range of 250km.
Mock-up of the Ilyushin Il-103 four-seat light aircraft.
Mock-up of Mil's Mi-38, planned as an Mi-8 'Hip' successor capable of carrying 30 passengers or five tonnes of cargo.
Close-up view of the latest naval MiG-29K 'Fulcrum' showing the single large airbrake, arrester hook under the reshaped rear fuselage and modified afterburners for the RD-33K engines.
Close-up view of the latest naval MiG-29K 'Fulcrum' showing the new sharp leading edge root extension, strengthened nose gear with 'traffic lights' for carrier operations, lower intake lip and new FOD screen just visible inside the intake.
First illustration showing an Airborne Command Post version of the Il-76 'Candid' which appears to fulfil the same role as the Boeing E-6 of the US Navy.
One of four Airborne Command Post versions of the Ilyushin Il-86 ‘Camber’ observed at Zhukovsky but not part of the show. It carries large pods under the inboard wing sections and blade comms aerials on the fuselage behind the substantial fairing at the front.
The smart turboprop-powered M-101 Jakel light utility aircraft from Myasischev is due to fly shortly. First shown in model form with a V-tail, the design appears to have reverted to a more conventional fin and rudder layout.
Rosk-Aero/Del-Aero revealed its T-101 Gratch 12-seat utility aircraft intended as a replacement for the An-2 'Colt'. A landplane version is due to make its first flight in November 1992. At the rear is the Jamal amphibian and a jet-powered Buran shuttle.
Originally designed and built for high-altitude reconnaissance, the Myasischev M-55 Geophysica 'Mystic' is now being promoted for environmental research and at Zhukovsky, the twin-engined 'Mystic B' took part in the flying display as well as appearing in the static park. It carried the new RF (Russian Federation) prefix to its number 01552.