Air International 2002-06
M.Fiszer, J.Gruszczynski - Polish Air Force. The last ten years /Military/
This An-26 belonging to the 13th Air Transport Squadron has been repainted in the new camouflage scheme in use since the late 1990s. The aircraft will remain in service until 2008-2009, when it will be replaced by CASA CN-295s.
A MIG-21bis from the 41st Tactical Fighter Squadron, Malbork, takes off from a snow-covered airfield. Note the new squadron markings, which were used by the pre-war 141st Fighter Squadron and by 306 Squadron (Polish) RAF during World War Two.
MiG-21UMs are flown by all four squadrons: this particular aircraft is armed with two R-3S (AA-2 Atoll) missiles.
Very similar in appearance to the MiG-21MF, this MiG-21M is seen in the markings of the 1st Fighter Wing. There is only one MIG-21M currently in the Polish Air & Air Defence Forces: it is operated by the 3rd TFS in Pozna-Krzesiny, along with MiG-21MFs and MiG-21UM.
A MiG-29 from the 1st TFS in formation with a French Air Force Mirage 2000 from the squadron's sister unit, CG 11/2 ‘Cigogne’. Note the new MiG-29 camouflage scheme, which the aircraft receive after undergoing major overhaul at WZL No 2 aircraft repair plant at Bydgoszcz.
Yak-40s are the mainstay of the 36th Special Air Transport Wing VIP fleet. This particular aircraft was used by the 17th Liaison Squadron until the last unit disbanded.
MiG-29U of the 1st Tactical Air Squadron, based at Minsk, is one of three of the type delivered from the Soviet Union in 1987.
An Su-22M4 of the 6th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Powidz, wearing ‘interim’ camouflage received during a major overhaul.
W-3 Sokol helicopter used by the 36th Special Air Transport Wing. The aircraft seen here is dedicated to VIP duties.
One of two PZL-130 Orliks from the 23rd Special Squadron (test & liaison) from Deblin. Most of the Orliks are on strength at the 2nd Air Training Centre, Radom.
A TS-11 Iskra of the Iskry aerobatic team, which forms part of the 60th Air Training Wing. Since this photograph was taken, the team have become part of the 1st Air Training Centre.
One of the few PZL M-28s (licence-built version of the Soviet An-28) operated by the 13th Air Transport Squadron, taking-off from its home base at Krakow.