Aeroplane Monthly 1986-11
RICHARD WINSLADE'S photograph features the two UK-based Corsairs, photographed in the Duxford area on Sunday, June 8, 1986. In the foreground is Lindsey Walton's F4U-7, BuAer 133722, being flown by Gp Capt John Allison. The aircraft is painted in Aeronavale 15 Flotille colours. Flying at Allison's right wingtip is Howard Pardue in Stephen Grey's recently imported FG-1D, BuAer 88297.
Mark IX Spitfire
This painting was planned as a companion work to Plane Jane, only this time I was determined to show Rita’s rivets. The composition was based on a number of shots I took of a B-24J at the Pima Air Museum at Tucson, Arizona. The 1,000mm lens compressed the turrets to produce this dramatic effect. The old Liberator is conducting a rather delicate manoeuvre in the painting and I am not sure if the crew have yet left, but Rita has decided to cut herself out. Rovin’ Redhead was the name of a US Navy PB4Y-1 painted dark blue. Philip Castle
Four young Flightriders, with caps and accompanying adults, shortly before embarking on a half-hour flight from Duxford in Russavia’s Dragon Rapide G-AGTM/NF875 on September 20, 1986. The Flightriders were Fran Birch, Miles Cohen, Dean Mahony and Nicola Bird.
Ex-Swedish Air Force Saab A 32A Lansen N5468X, which flew from Cranfield to new owner David Tallichet in the USA on June 9, 1986.