Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
H.Levy - Swish Miss
HOWARD LEVY'S photograph depicts the world's only flying pre-war Autogiro. Steve Pitcairn's beautifully-restored 55-year-old Pitcairn PCA-2. NC11609 Miss Champion, flying over the New Jersey countryside during the summer of 1986
Steve Pitcairn and his restored PCA-2 pause for a pre-take-off photograph. Note the amount of downthrust on the engine.
Capt Lewis Yancey is congratulated upon his successful landing by Don Tresidder, head of the Yosemite Park and Curry Company, and by Chief Ranger Forrest Tounsley. This photograph was taken during the early thirties.
Steve Pitcairn, in the cockpit, and George Townson beside the "basket case" Pitcairn PCA-2.
Detail view of the PCA-2's tailplane. The legend on the rudder reads “Pitcairn Autogiro. Built by Pitcairn Aircraft Inc. Willow Grove, Penna"
Pitcairn PCA-2 NC11609, the subject of this article, photographed in the early Thirties. In 1935 the Autogiro was retired from flying and a as destined to remain firmly on the ground for 10 years.
The wire-braced tubular stainless steel undercarriage.
Steve Pitcairn flying the Autogiro over the New Jersey countryside in 1986.
The rotor head assembly. The pre-rotator shaft is located forward of the pylon's front leg on the left.
The Pitcairn PCA-2 is powered by a 300 h.p. Wright R-975E Whirlwind radial engine. The thin rod located in front of the rotor pylon is the shaft from the engine for spinning up the rotor before take-off.
The well-appointed rear cockpit of the PCA-2. Steve Pitcairn has added an ASI transceiver at bottom left.
The PCA-2's front cockpit accommodates two people on a bench seat positioned immediately above the winglets. The cockpit is devoid of any flying controls and is not even furnished with a windscreen.