Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
M.Jerram - For Business and Pleasure
Aeroplane Monthly’s first publishing director, Wg Cdr Maurice Smith, flying Flight’s second Gemini. G-AKHC, in June 1954, shortly after the aircraft was uprated to Mk 3A status.
Gemini G-AKKB was originally owned by Fred Dunkerley and raced successfully by him during the Fifties. This photograph was taken during the 1959 National Air Races in July: H. G. Davies is the pilot - the Lancashire Aero Club's red rose was retained on the fin.
Ernie Crabtree low and fast in his Gemini 3C competing at the National Air Races at Baginton during July 9-11, 1959.
H. G. Davies competing in the 1959 Kings Cup flying the former Dunkerley Gemini 1A G-AKKB. He came third at 167 m.p.h.
Gemini 3A G-AMDE was completed by Wolverhampton Aviation Ltd in 1951. It crashed at Sibson on September 21, 1967.
Percy Blamire's famous Gemini 3C, G-ALZG, was a familiar sight at rare meetings in the Fifties and Sixties.
John Houlder’s Gemini 3A had Gipsy 10 engines and is seen at its Elstree base in May 1950. It was later fitted with Major 10 Mk 2s, to Mk 3C standard.
Gemini 1A G-AMBH was completed by F G. Miles Ltd at Redhill in 1950. It went to the Belgian Congo as OO-COA in August 1958.
The sole Gemini 2, actually the prototype, G-AGUS, re-engined with two 125 h.p. Continental C-125-2 engines by Walter Instruments Ltd of Redhill in 1949.
A production Aries, G-AOGA, was sold to Pasolds Ltd - it was one of only two purpose-built Aries constructed although other Geminis were modified to Aries status.
Gemini G-AJTG was the only example built with retractable flaps. This Mk 1B was initially sold to the Hon Max Aitken. In 1951 'TG was converted to 3B standard, and it was scrapped at Exeter in 1964.
Gemini 1A ZS-BRV, one of the first built, seen making its last flight - on the end of a crane in South Africa. The Gemini's one-piece wing is seen to good effect.
E. J. Riding's three-view of the prototype Gemini is published with the kind permission of Aeromodeller.