Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
G.Cains - Fast and furious (1)
Frank Dawson-Paul fitting in the rear cockpit of a London Passenger Transport Board Flying Club D.H.60 Moth in 1939.
Capt Dawson-Paul, Chairman of Boulton & Paul Ltd. seated in the rear cockpit of the company's P.41 Phoenix. His son Frank, aged 14, occupies the front cockpit.
The sole P.41, G-AAIT.
Chilton D.W.1 G-AFGl, the third built, seen at Bembridge, Isle of Wight before the war. Powered by a 32 h.p. Carden Ford engine, the Chilton cruised at 100 m.p.h. G-AFGI still survives.
Dawson-Paul lands Dart Kitten G-AEXT at Mousehold aerodrome, Norwich in 1938.
Dart Kitten G-AEXT following a forced landing at Broxbourne in 1939, sitting atop Frank Dawson-Paul's car.
OUT AND ABOUT: The Chrislea monoplane has now done quite a lot of test flying in the hands of Mr. Dawson Paul and appears to be well up to expectations in general performance. This machine is a side-by-side seater cabin monoplane with a Mikron engine (for which, incidentally, the Chrislea people are licensees) and every effort has been made in it to produce a machine possessing a good view and safe flying characteristics with a normally conventional layout.
The sole Chrislea Airguard, designed by Messrs R. C. Christophorides and B. V. Leak and built at Heston tn 1938. This two-seater had a cruising speed of 104 m.p.h. and an empty weight of only 640 lbs