Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
L.Ambrose - Qantas Cat Ops (3)
This Qantas Catalina, G-AGFM Altair Star, flew the first night extension service to RAF Korangi Creek at Karachi, an additional flight of 1,400 miles, on November 4, 1944.
Qantas’s final Indian Ocean service Catalina was G-AGKS Spica Star.
Catalina G-AGIE after beaching.
Catalina G-AGFL Vega Star was used to make the first proving flight to Swan River, Perth, Western Australia on November 3, 1942, using an RAF crew. In company with the other Qantas Catalinas it was scuttled with time-bombs in compliance with Lend-Lease conditions.
Catalina G-AGIE Antares Star about to take off from Koggala.
The 'Secret Order of the Double Sunrise' was awarded to Qantas Indian Ocean service passengers flying from Perth to Colombo who were airborne for more than 24hr.