Aeroplane Monthly 1987-01
M.Oakey - Grapevine
RAF Museum's MiG-15, 1B 01120, was unloaded from its transporter and taken into the museum's Bomber Command wing on November 10, 1986.
A view of the underside of Henson's Aerial Steam Carriage of 1842. A 50ft-span flying replica is planned.
A line-up of Australian Austers at St Arnaud, Victoria on November 9, 1986. A total of 26 Austers attended the meeting, which was the ninth annual antipodean assembly of the type.
Hawker Demon A1-8, the world's only complete example, at RAAF Richmond, NSW, Australia on October 29, 1986.
The Duxford Aviation Society's latest acquisition, Airspeed Ambassador 2 G-ALZO, arrived at Duxford by road on October 17, 1986. It was the last of its type to make a commercial flight, on October 28, 1971.
Pietenpol Aircamper G-BMLT, the first example to be completed in the UK, over Merstham Lake near Redhill in the hands of Richard Hauke.
The French Institut Geographique Dubois H.D.34, F-BHOO, was photographed at the Bretigny Open Day on September 14, 1986, during which it gave lively display. It is one of only two examples of the high aspect-ratio photographic aircraft still in service; eight were built, the prototype first flying in 1957.
The Fleet Air Arm Museum's McDonnell Douglas Phantom on its way across the Solent to Portsmouth Harbour on November 3, 1986. The aircraft has been snapped for the museum's spare Supermarine Scimitar, which is now in the USA.