Air International 1983-02
L.Peacock - SAC shapes up
A Boeing B-52D from the 96th Bomb Wing's 337th Squadron, one of the units that is in process of relinquishing its elderly Stratofortresses in favour of B-52Hs.
The newest type in the SAC inventory is the McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender, seen here in a trial hook-up with a B-52G from the 93rd Bomb Wing.
Numerically the most important type in the SAC inventory is the Boeing KC-135A tanker (as well as EC and RC variants); at least half the total are to be modernised with CFM56 engines.
The supersonic shape of SAC's fastest aeroplane, the Lockheed SR-71A, operated by the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB.
Boeing B-52G of the 379th Bomb Wing. The B-52G is numerically the most important of SAC's Stratofortresses. and a number of these will be converted to serve as ALCM carriers.
The youngest of the Stratofortress variants, a mere 19 years old. is the B-52H - this example being in service with the 319th Bomb Wing.
An FB-111A keeps company with one of the Rockwell B-1A prototypes.
A rarity in SAC is this Northrop T-38A used at Grand Forks AFB for ACE (Accelerated Co-pilot Enrichment) flying.
One of the Boeing E-4As serving with the 1st ACCS at Offutt AFB to fulfil the NEACP mission.
The fourth prototype Rockwell B-1A, which was seen in Europe last September and is now being modified for the B-1B development programme.
9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB is now responsible for the Lockheed TR-1, which usually carries sensor pods on the wings.