Air Enthusiast 2007-07
A.Marden - Academic Airframes /Air forces/
Around ten C-46s served with the RoKAF, of which four survive in the country.
The Sabre served with the RoKAF in large numbers, with around 130 F-86Fs and 40 F-86Ds. Over 50 can still be found in the country, and this 'F' model is one of four Sabres at the Academy.
Some 36 F-5Bs served with the RoKAF from 1965, and the final examples were not retired until 2006 when the recce RF-5A variant bowed out. Pazmany and H-19 behind.
Bird Dogs served ill large numbers with the RoKAF and this 0-1A is one of two on display.
This may well be the Shenyang F-6 in which Capt Lee Ung-Pyong defected to the South in May 1983. He was commissioned into the RoKAF and was an instructor at the Academy before his death in 2002.
Around 25 T-41Bs were the mainstay of the Air Force Academy's screening fleet until replacement by Il-103s. Around 20 survived until the official retirement on November 28, 2006.
The H-5 was a reverse-engineered copy of the Ilyushin Il-28, and this example, one of around 50 in North Korean service, was flown to the South by a defector.