Flight 1938-03
Flight Advertisements
Britain's biggest air liner is equipped with Siddeley engines cowled with fair­ing rings by Northern Aircraft & Engineering Products, Ltd. In the background of the photograph is the “Whitley” bomber, also fitted with our cowlings.
The selection of Cellon Finishes for the new Hawker Hurricane Fighter adds yet another to the long list of high performance Aircraft to receive Cellon protection. Whenever exceptional stresses or arduous wear and weather are to be resisted, Cellon Finishes may be relied upon to demonstrate their quality.
The Bristol Pegasus XC and Napier Rapier engines on the Short-Mayo Composite Aircraft are fitted with Claudel-Hobson Carburetters and Variable Datum Boost Controls.
"A somewhat ‘dirty’ biplane" is the impression of the composite aircraft when flying, due mainly to the presence of the floats of the upper component.
HOFFMANN. The 4 Armstrong Siddeley Tiger engines of the new "ENSIGN" planes by Messrs. Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft Co. Ltd. are fitted with these bearings
Saro “London” flying boats of 204 Squadron leaving Plymouth at the start of their flight to Australia. These aircraft are fitted with two Bristol Pegasus X Engines and have a range of 1,500 miles.
Fleet of De Havilland Twin Engined Air Transports (Air Dis­patch Ltd.) finished with Berger Aircraft Finishes
The window frames and propeller boss of this De Havilland machine are made in BIRMABRIGHT, the light, corrosion resisting aluminium alloy with high mechanical properties and remarkable fatigue resistance.
ENGLAND - NEW ZEALAND AND BACK in record time - 10 days 22 hours! Flying Officer A. E. Clouston and Mr. Victor Ricketts’ COMET was fitted with GIPSY engines.