Aeroplane Monthly 1979-06
Boeing B17Gs of the 447th Bomb Group, USAAF, based at Rattlesden, Norfolk, photographed by CHARLES E. BROWN in 1944.
JOHN BATCHELOR'S photograph depicts a brace of Confederate Air Force Douglas C-47s, with 210058 Buzz Buggy in the foreground.
A superb example of the masterful work of the doyen of air-to-air photographers, CHARLES E. BROWN; up close and personal with a Blackburn Beverley in 1955. The big transport was used for the 1955 Fahud Airlift;
CHARLES E. BROWN took the study of the fifth production Blackburn Beverley, XB263, en route to the 1955 SBAC Display at Farnborough.
Royal Navy Jetstream T.2 XX481 on a sortie from RNAS Culdrose on March 21, 1979.
Royal Navy Sea Prince WP308 from RNAS Culdrose over the Scilly Isles on March 21, 1979, with its Jetstream successor behind.
A stunning Charles E. Brown photograph taken from the rear turret of a Vickers Virginia approaching Brooklands early in May 1935. Note the Vickers Company's Weybridge works, visible between the wings on the left.