Aeroplane Monthly 1977-02
The brace of Blue Angels McDonnell Douglas Skyhawks with everything down (or up!) was photographed by FRANK B. MORMILLO during a display at Miramar Naval Air Station, San Diego, California, on October 23, 1976.
RON BURDA’S superb photograph, taken at the 1976 Fresno Warbird gathering, features the Planes of Fame Museum’s Grumman F6 Hellcat, with an F4U Corsair keeping it company.
Zlin Akrobat G-AWAR was photographed by PETER HEWITT at Oxford Airport, Kidlington, in 1968.
Первый серийный Firebrand TF.Mk IV EK121 с учебной торпедой, поступивший в 813-ю эскадрилью, сформированную в Форде в сентябре 1945 года.
Blackburn B-46 Firebrand T.F.Mk.4 EK601 was the first of 102 examples of this variant. It made its maiden flight on May 17, 1945, being delivered to RNAS Arbroath on May 30. A'torpedo-carrying strike aircraft, the Firebrand Mk 4 was powered by a 2,520 h.p. Bristol Centaurus engine.