Air International 1979-02
??? - Aeritalia... cornerstone of italian aerospace
Aeritalia-built F-104S Starfighters awaiting delivery to the Turkish Air Force at Caselle Sud, Turin.
Although production of the F-104S Starfighter is now to all intents and purposes complete, the overhaul and modification of this type will provide Aeritalia's Caselle Nord plant with a considerable workload for the next decade. Illustrated above are two F-104S Starfighters of the 21° Gruppo, 53° Stormo based at Cameri. All F-104S Starfighters of the Aeronautica Militare will have their air-air capabilities upgraded by Aeritalia in a programme occupying several years.
Six of the 40 F-104S Starfighters supplied by Aeritalia to Turkey.
Aeritalia (Lockheed) F-104S Starfighter
The two development Tornadoes assembled by Aeritalia (P-05 in the foreground and P-09 farthest from the camera) which were scheduled to be joined imminently at the time of closing for press by the Aeritalia-assembled pre-series example (P-14). The Aeronautica Militare anticipates phasing the Tornado into service from early 1981, and the service's 100 aircraft will be assembled at Caselle Nord.
Photographed taking-off from Caselle Sud during initial flight testing. Tornado P-09 has seen extensive trials over the Decimomannu test range in Sardinia, where stores release programmes have included Kormoran, retarded and normal Mk 83 bombs, twin-weapons carrier and subsonic tanks. It has also been involved in flutter testing.
A G.222 of the 46" Aerobrigata Trasporti Medi which is now working up with the Aeritalia-manufactured multi-role transport. Assembly of the G.222 is now largely concentrated at the Pomigliano d'Arco factory, where the Tyne-engined G.222L will start down the line next year.
The P.68T Turbo, photographed during recent flight testing near Naples, is illustrative of the steadily broadening product spread of the Aeritalia organisation.
The extremely elegant P.68T Turbo seen during its initial flight trials from Capodichino. A joint programme between Aeritalia and Partenavia, the P.68T is intended for both military and civil roles and should prove particularly attractive in areas where hot-and-high performance is critical.