Air International 1979-02
J.Bruce - The First British Armoured Brigade (1)
Although unarmed, the Bristol S.S.A. of 1914 was the first aircraft to incorporate the armoured-structure formula that later found expression in the Sopwith Salamander of 1918. This is the first photograph of this rare type to be published.
The Morane-Saulnier Type M armoured monoplane of 1914, showing the protective shield in front of its engine.
One of the armoured B.E.2Cs, No 2028. The photograph is dated 20 April 1916; this aircraft was issued to No 6 Squadron from No 2 Aircraft Depot on 9 September 1916 and was finally flown back to England on 10 July 1917. Thereafter it served with No 19 Reserve Squadron as a training aircraft, doubtless without its armour.
One of the RFC's armoured B.E.2Cs.
This "home-made" armoured single-seat B.E.2c was a local modification made in the Middle East, possibly by No 14 Squadron. Protection appeared to be confined to the cockpit area.
Первый R.E. 1 (№607) в своем первоначальном виде в июле 1913 года. Поперечное управление осуществлялось круткой крыла.
The design of the R.E.1 incorporated armour protection for pilot and observer. This photograph depicts the first R.E.1 in its original form and is dated 22 July 1913. As recorded in the text, armour was not fitted to an R.E.1 until February 1914.
The prototype Handley Page O/100, No 1455, embodied quite extensive armouring of the fuselage and engine nacelles.
Early production O/100s retained some armour about the engines, radiators and fuel tanks.
The second A.D. Type 1 to be laid down. No 1358, was the first to fly. This photograph clearly illustrates how the armour about the engines and radiators deprived the crew of any lateral view.
The Bleriot single-seat armoured monoplane of which the fuselage was exhibited at the 1913 Paris Aero Salon.
The Bleriot armoured monoplane of the summer of 1914. An aircraft of this type was flown operationally by Jules Vedrines, who named it La Vache (The Cow).
The two-seat Nieuport armoured monoplane, also exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1913, here seen with spinner removed.
The large three-seat twin-engined armoured biplane built in France in 1914 to the design of Commandant Dorand.