Flight 1936-06
Flight Advertisements
Rapid inter-communication between Staff Headquarters, Divisional Headquarters and the armies in the field are more necessary in modern warfare than ever before. The Courier with its speed, manoeuvrability, flaps for slow landing, and five comfortable seats is ideal for this purpose.
High speed cruising has been demonstrated very effectively recently by two Airspeed Envoys fitted with Wolseley Scorpio engines. Visiting the Stockholm Exhibition one machine covered 3,381 miles in 23 hours, without the engines being touched. Fuel consumption was 22 gallons per hour, oil consumption 2 quarts per hour. The engines were fitted with self starters and it was not even necessary to turn the propellers by hand to suck in.
Conversion from luxury air liner into fast medium bomber, by four men in eight hours, is the outstanding feature of the latest type Airspeed Envoys, as supplied to the Government of the Union of South Africa. The wisdom of equipping air line personnel with this type of aircraft is most apparent when it is realised that in peace time pilots will become thoroughly familiar, in all weather and load conditions, with the type of aircraft they would be called upon to fly in time of war.