Flight 1937-08
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A flight of HAWKER FURY single-seater fighters (Kestrel V engines) flying over a squadron of GLOSTER GLADIATORS (Bristol Mercury).
The Vickers "Wellesley" Long-range Bomber Monoplane. Note the streamline bomb-containers beneath the wings.
The moderate climate of England is very different from the extremes of heat and cold met with in many parts of the world where aircraft operate. Both moisture and excessive dryness are enemies of wood. Monospars are therefore entirely of metal, which is carefully proofed against corrosion, and needs practically no maintenance under any climatic conditions.
Caledonia and Cambria, the two Imperial Airways Empire Flying Boats, powered by 4 Bristol Pegasus engines have now both made the double crossing of the Atlantic to scheduled time.
LIGHT ON INDUSTRY. A corner of the erecting shop in the Bristol Aeroplane Company's factory, lit by G.E.C. Osira electric discharge lighting.