Air Pictorial 1992-01
P.Foster - Elliniki Aeroporia Nato's not so soft underbelly
Aegean Falcon F.16DG 88-0148 of 346 Moira near Anchialos. The HAF has placed a follow-on order for another of this type of aircraft.
A pair of 34 Moira Mirage F1CG jets armed with AIM.9 missiles, await their next tasking.
A-7H 159913 of 347 Moira from Souda Bay. The unit is charged with a maritime attack mission but the aircraft is seen here armed with an AIM.9 air-to-air missile.
Canadair CL215 1112 of 355 Moira photographed at Elefsis. The HAF operates 15 of these water-bombing aircraft.
T.2E Buckeye 16007A seen landing at Kalamata.
T.37C 12802 with hard points seen landing at Kalamata in silver and red colour scheme. This is now giving way to white and red scheme to help prevent corrosion.
A pair of operational Do28Ds, MC4094 await assignment whilst the stored example 4131 still retains its former Luftwaffe colours.