Air Pictorial 1995-04
A.Boxman, K.van der Mark - Aeronavale: France's naval air arm today (1)
F-8P No 31 of Flat 12F was one of the first Crusaders to undergo updating. The modified aircraft can only be distinguished externally by the fin-mounted RWR housing.
Both Escadrille 31F at Saint Mandrier and 34F at Lanveoc operate a mixture of Lynx HAS.2(FN)s and HAS.4(FN)s. Lynx No 623 is one of the former flown by 34F.
Some 18 Super Frelons serve with three different units for a variety of tasks, including heavy transport.
12 декабря 1991г.: первый полет палубного истребителя Rafale М компании "Dassault" означал окончание эксплуатации в ВМС устаревших самолетов Vought F-8 Crusader и Dassault Super Etendard. На снимке: самолет, вооруженный УР Magic, и один из Super Etendard (на заднем плане), которые он должен был заменить.
Dassault Rafale M 01 formates with a Super Etendard, a type it will replace beginning in 1998.
Although the last Etendard IVMs were retired from service with 59S in July 1991, ten Etendard IVPMs of 16F will remain flying from their carriers and home-base Landivisiau, including No 153.
Seen landing on one of the carriers is Alize No 11, a type that will have served for 40 years when the E-2C Hawkeye takes over towards the turn of the century.
Внешне Atlantique 2 отличается от предшественника измененной законцовкой киля и более крупным воздухозаборником слева внизу в носовой части фюзеляжа.
Atlantique 2s like this one from Lann-Bihoue in Brittany will gradually replace the first generation Atlantics until by 1998, four maritime patrol squadrons will have taken delivery of all 28 aircraft on order.
Br.1150 Atlantic No 57 was one of six formerly flown by the Dutch Navy. This earlier type can be distinguished from the ATL.2 by the fin-tip pod, and lack of FLIR turret under the nose and ESM pods on the wing tips.