Aeroplane Monthly 1993-03
J.Stroud - Post-war propliners
BOAC’s Sunderland III G-AGJM after being converted to Hythe class Hythe.
Trans Oceanic Airways Sunderland III VH-AKO Australis on the lagoon at Lord Howe Island.
The Hythe class Sunderland G-AGHZ as Hawkesbury.
Sunderland III EJ156 at Belfast after conversion to airline standard for CAUSA. G-AGWW became CX-AFA.
BOAC Short Sunderland III G-AGHW in wartime camouflage at Rod-el- Farag, Cairo.
G-AGJM Hythe with nose turret fairing slid aft for mooring.
BOAC’s Hythe G-AGEU Hampshire after passing to Aquila Airways.
One of the Hythe class cabins with upper bunk stowed.
KEITH WOODCOCK'S painting depicts the Hythe class Sunderland G-AGHZ Hawkesbury, ex-ML727, which was later sold to Aquila Airways.
BOAC's Sunderland III G-AGKX unpainted, carrying RAF markings, a Speedbird on the bows and Transport Command code OQZF.