Air International 1984-06
J.Serrano - Spain's Rotary Soldiers
One of the four Agusta-Bell AB 206As received by FAMET from the E del A, still in its Air Force colours.
Bell OH-58A HR.12-10, ET-119, operated by the liaison section of BHELTRA Vs Liaison and Medium Transport Company. Beyond is an ex-Air Force AB 206A.
Newest equipment to enter FAMET service is the Agusta-Bell AB 212; this is HU.18-15, ET-276, serving with UHELMA IV.
One of the 60 Bell UH-1H Hueys acquired by FAMET, HU.10-44, ET-218.
The largest helicopter in Spanish Army service is the Boeing Vertol Chinook. Successive orders have brought the total to 12 (plus one that has been lost) and 12 more, to CH-47D standard, are on order.
One of the six original Bell-built OH-13S trainers HE.7B-28, ET-104, still in service.
A CASA-assembled BO 105GSH of BHELA I, showing the 20-mm cannon beneath the fuselage
The BO 105 ATH variant, showing launching rails for the HOT missiles.
CEFAMET operates 10 of the 11 BO 105 training helicopters acquired from the West German Heeresflieger a few years ago. This one, still in German colours, is HE.15-8, ET-128.
One of the last three Bell HU-1B "Bravos" serving in FAMET, and soon to be retired, serial HU.8-9, ET-205.