Flight 1933-08
Flight Advertisements
1909 - "Voisin" Biplane exhibited at the first Olympia Aero show
Hawker High Speed Fury fitted with Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" Engine
Vickers "Vildebeest" Pegasus Engine
THE AVRO '626' CHEETAH OR LYNX ENGINE for ab initio and entire transformation instruction. The small air force can, moreover, use the Avro '626' for many peace-time military purposes with economy and without loss of efficiency
Hawker "Ospreys" Rolls-Royce
THE WESTLAND P.V.6: The three-quarter front view shows the machine to have a strong family resemblance to the "Wapiti." Note the low-drag cowling over the Bristol "Pegasus" engine.
Ferry 360 h.p. Carries 10-12 passengers and pilot
The Airwork School at Heston Airport, as the principal establishment of its kind in Great Britain, must naturally use the most up-to-date and efficient training aircraft. The school has, of course, been re-equipped with Avro Cadets.
During torpedoplane manoeuvres by the Fleet Air Arm the Blackburn Torpedo-Bombers undergo the severest stresses to which a military aeroplane is normally subjected. These machines have an uninterrupted view in all directions and a remarkably steady aim. Alternative power units: 643 h.p. Tiger and 545 h.p. Pegasus.
The Armstrong Whitworth Astraea (four Siddeley Serval engines) refuelling at Sourabaya.
THE sound-proof cabin of the Atalanta is light and roomy with a good view from its windows. Its ventilation and temperature are easily and effectively controlled. Nine chair seats afford the utmost comfort for long journeys and, by means of a simple adjustment, can be arranged to provide a restful semi-reclining position with ample support for head and shoulders. There is accommodation for personal belongings in the wall recesses, and folding tables are an added convenience.
The Monospar, designed and manufactured by General Aircraft Ltd. of Croydon, meets the modern demand for an economical twin-engined light four-seater with a good performance, a good view and saloon car comfort for pilot and passenger. All Monospar productions are, of course, Doped with Cellon.
Capt. Bremer and his Siddeley Genet Junkers Junior
The Siddeley Genet Junkers Junior
The Airport of Alexandria.
The biggest flying boat ever built in Great Britain.
The Spartan "Cruiser" as seen from below. Its controllability is exemplified by the steep climb, this photograph being taken directly after the take-off. Even at this angle it is obvious that the pilot has an excellent forward and downward view.
Boulton & Paul "Mail Carrier"