Air Enthusiast 2006-01
T.Buttler - Upwardly Mobile /Test-beds and experimentals/
A scene at RAE Bedford, foreground left to right: the second SC.1 XG905; SC.1 test-pilot Tom Brooke-Smith; the Rolls-Royce 'Flying Bedstead'. Background; left to right: Vickers Varsity; Shorts SB.5; Hunter F.6 WW598; Lightning F.l from the development batch.
«Авро 707B» в полете
The first Avro 707B delta wing test aircraft to fly was VX790.
Model of the Avro 707B showing the lift engine arrangement plus the control jets on the extreme nose and tail fuselage and on the wingtips.
Detail drawing showing the Avro 707B's complex internal arrangement.
Avro 707B VTOL development, dated February 1954.
Построенный в единственном экземпляре исследовательский самолет Fairey F.D.1 задумывался как самолет вертикального взлета, для чего мог оснащаться стартовыми ракетными двигателями.
Fairey Delta 1 VX350 in flight.
Artist's impression of the modified Fairey Delta 1.
Internal arrangement for the modified Fairey Delta 1.
Modified Fairey Delta II to ER.143T, dated February 1954.
The second SC.1 XG905, in flight.
Sequence of images showing SC.1 XG905 making the transition.
The SC.1 nose-on - the excellent view from the cockpit is apparent.
Rear view of XG900.
Four-seat SC.8 project from November 1960.
Internal arrangement of the PD.11.
Alternative PD.11 design fitted with lift engines only; February 1954.
Short SC.1.
Short and Harland PD.11 (SC.1) as first proposed; February 1954.
Prototype Provost T.1 WE522 in flight. The P.94 would have utilised this trainer's rear fuselage and other elements.
Percival P.94, dated February 1954.