Air Enthusiast 2006-01
G.Salerno - A Troubled Birth /Air forces/
An SB-17G of 'D' Flight 7th ARS recovering mail from an expedition in the desert.
A Boeing SB-17G of the 5th ERS with lifeboat and a search radar under the nose.
A SB-17G Flying Fortress of the ARS dropping an A-1 lifeboat with parachute
ARS Douglas SC-47D flying over the mountains of Alaska in the 1950s.
A C-47 of the 803rd Air Evacuation Squadron in the CBI theatre.
A SC-54D of the 37th ARS landing in Japan.
The 5th ERS operated war-weary Republic P-47 Thunderbolts at Boxted.
The 55th ARS at Thule, Greenland, in the 1950s used SH-19AS in Arctic colours.
All-black Sikorsky H-19B flown during the Korean War on SAR missions and to extricate CIA agents from enemy territory.
H-21A ВВС США были оптимизированы для эксплуатации в суровом климате Аляски, Гренландии и канадского севера. Они были оснащены спасательной лебедкой и мощной системой обогрева. Эта машина служила на базе Элмендорф на Аляске.
H-21B of the 5017th Operations Squadron at Elmendorf, Alaska, employed in rescue missions in the 1960s.
A postwar OA-10A/A-10A of the 4th RS at Hamilton AFB.
OA-10As of the 10th RS on a Pacific Island in 1944.
A Consolidated OA-10A Catalina during an exercise.
Cessna LC-126A with floats operating in Alaska.
The lone YR-4B assigned to 1st Air Command Group in the CBI theatre was used for spectacular rescues.
H-5H of 'D' Flight 7th ARS at Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.
Sikorsky H-5Ds of the 3rd RS proved very useful in Korea
A Sikorsky R-6A with a stretcher pannier on the side.
One of the two SA-16As of the 'D' Flight 7th ARS at Dhahran with an underwing radar pod.
The 'Triphibian' version of the SA-16B mounted skis under the fuselage and under the wing tip floats, permitting landings on snow and marsh.
World War Two Stinson L-1A in ambulance mode.
The unfortunate Northrop YC-125A on test with the Air Rescue Service.
Kaman HH-43F in action with its Fire Suppression Kit.
An HH-43F with its rescue instruments in evidence - the hoist, the 'Penetrator', the litter, and the 'basket' for survivors.