Air International 1993-11
A.Pearcy - Always Ready
These HH-65A Dolphin helicopters were on loan to the US Naval Test Pilots School, Patuxent River, Maryland, in October 1990. One of the functions of the Test Pilots School is to provide students with the opportunity of evaluating a wide variety of aircraft types.
For many years Sikorsky helicopters have been closely associated with the Coast Guard. The latest addition to the rotary wing fleet is the HH-60J Jayhawk, now in service at six air stations in the USA and Alaska. Depicted is an HH-60J on exercise with a small civilian craft.
HU-25 Guardian fleet has the capability of carrying a variety of under-wing surveillance pods. These include infra-red/ultra-violet line scanners and sideways looking airborne radar.
Sikorsky HH-3F Pelican 1471 from San Francisco air station seen parked by the Golden Gate Bridge. The helicopter crews are fully conversant and fully trained to land at many remote sites and hospitals. Today, all air station identity is eliminated and serial numbers reduced in size as a security measure.
An odd-ball type in the USCG aircraft inventory is this CASA C-212 300 Aviocar initially leased but today operating from the air station at Opa Locka. It is used extensively for support of rotary wing operations in connection with the drug war, and on general logistic duties.
Grumman VC-11A Gulfstream II 'Coast Guard Zero One' which is used as a flagship by the Commandant and his staff, often travelling worldwide. It is based at Washington National Airport and powered by Rolls-Royce Spey engines.
Livery for Coast Guard aircraft has gone through many phases since 1916. This photo taken on January 16, 1964, shows the USCG Grumman VC-4A in its original markings after delivery on March 19, 1963 with original serial 1380. It is still in service today as 'Coast Guard Zero Two'.
Schweizer RG-8A Condor reconnaissance surveillance motorised glider 86-0404 carries the USCG serial 8102. It is based at Miami air station which is located at Opa Locka Airport and is controlled by the 7th Coast Guard District, being primarily tasked with drug interdiction.
The HC-130H Hercules is an invaluable workhorse for the Coast Guard and six of the type, including the lone EC-130V, are in service at Clearwater, Florida air station. Depicted is 1710 delivered to the service on August 16, 1985.
Seen parked at Sacramento air station, located at McClellan AFB California, are two of the fleet of four HC-130H-7 Hercules. These are 1700 and 1702. The Hercules element moved from San Francisco air station in March 1978 leaving the rotary wing Jayhawks behind. Lack of ramp space was a deciding factor in the move.