Air Pictorial 1969-06
P.March - Central Flying School
Little Rissington's gate guardian, and an apt one in view of the type's lengthy service, is Harvard T.2B FS890
The Examining Wing retains one Meteor T.7, twenty years after the type started service at Little Rissington
First rotary-wing machine used by C.F.S. was the Dragonfly; HC.4 XF260 is shown at Fairford in May 1955
Sycamores (XF269 illustrated) formed the mainstay of the Rotary Wing Flight until about mid-1965
"Red Arrows" Gnats during a 1967 display
Operated from Kemble the C.F.S. Gnats are used for the applied flying phase of instructor training
Introduced in 1966 the Sioux AH.1 (XT144 illustrated) has now been replaced at Ternhill by the HT.2
Whirlwind HAR.10 XP335 from the Rotary Wing Flight, Ternhill, demonstrates load-lifting during a display
Flashback to 1933 - C.F.S. aerobatic team on Avro Tutors
Jet Provost T.4 XN554 in the new colour scheme - white top, red undersides - over N. Gloucs. last month
Chipmunk T.10s (WG348 in the foreground) are used by No. 1 Squadron, C.F.S., for basic instructor training
Largest aircraft operated by C.F.S. is the Varsity. XD366, shown here, is a "one-off" replacement aircraft
The Provost T.1 served C.F.S. for many years. XF619 was used by the Standards Squadron until retirement in 1967
Vampire T.11s served C.F.S. throughout the 1950s; XE994 shown here. Another T.11, XK624, is still on C.F.S.'s strength