Air Pictorial 1995-01
Register Review
Barry Jackson's Super Cub G-BUBA, which was fitted with floats for operation from a Sussex lake during the summer, is expected to be based at Shoreham on a wheeled undercarriage this winter
G-BNIZ, ex OY-SRA of Star Air, is the second F.27 for Channel Express and was officially registered to them on 29/11/94
The BAe 125-800 G-OMGG was delivered to Magee Aviation at Luton as N125JW on 15/11/94
The ex Ryanair One-Eleven 523FJ EI-CCX was repainted as 5N-EYI at Manchester on 18/11/94 and flown to Southend for respray in the colours of its new owners. Oriental Airlines
Bandeirante P1 G-BVRT is leased by Leeds based Knight Air from its owners, Euroair
The newiy established airline City Air Bus are using their two Dornier 228s G-BVTY and G-BVTZ on a four times a week Humberside-London/City scheduled service which commenced in November 1994
Reg Maye's recently completed Denney Kitfox Mk.4 G-BUYK was engaged in test flying at Biggin Hill at the end of November 1994. Its construction took 600 man hours over two years