Air Enthusiast 2007-01
F.Prins - Adaptable Stalwart /World war two/ (2)
A Welland test-bed very likely at Boscombe Down. In the background to the right is the 'mystery' Battle test-bed illustrated in AE126.
T.10 NA928 in full guise, complete with ‘Trainer’ bands. Also Hawarden-built, it saw no service as a B.X and was stored until converted by Boulton Paul. In its new role it served with the Empire Central Flying School at Hullavington, the Handling Squadron at Boscombe Down and finally 1 Air Navigation School, also at Hullavington. One of the last ‘Wimpeys’ flying with the RAF, it was sold as scrap on December 30, 1953. Stored Lincolns in the right background.
T.10 MF628 displayed at the RAF Museum, Hendon.
Head-on view of a Merlin-engined Mk.II.
Mk.II W5442 in the colours of 214 Squadron, 1941. It later transferred to 12 Squadron and went missing on a raid to Essen on March 10, 1942.
The Wellington evolved in shape and role throughout the war. Mk.XIV MP714 with a special rocket projectile fit during A&AEE acceptance trials, July 1943.
Another view of rocket-equipped Mk.XIV MP714. Anyone care to comment on the installation on the ground immediately below?
Squires Gate-built Mk.X NC928 following conversion to Mk.XVIII.
Этот Wellington DWI переоборудован из бомбардировщика Mk IC и служил на Ближнем Востоке, где применялся при тралении участков акватории Средиземного моря и Суэцкого канала.
Two views of DWI conversion HX682.
A Power Jets W2/700 engine installed in the tail of Mk.II W5518/G, with the engine covers removed.
Mk.II W5480 was issued initially to Boscombe Down for testing.
Mk.I L4251 was converted to become the Hercules-engined Type 299 Mk.III prototype.
Fine pre-delivery image of Hawarden-built Mk.X LP700.
Mk.II prototype; Production Mk.II; Type 416; Type 439
Mk.VIII HX419 bedecked with AST aerials and equipped with a Leigh Light with the Coastal Command Development Unit.
Production Mk.IC T2977 was converted to Mk.VIII status and flew on Helmore development trials, before joining 221 Squadron. It was later converted to a Mk.IX.
«Веллингтон» Mk.1C (per. W5674) из 221-й АЭ с радаром ASV Mk.II. Вторая половина 1941 г.
W5674 was built as a Mk.IC but became a Mk.VIII and was issued to 221 Squadron (with apt 'DF-' codes!), July 1941.
Close-up of the wing-mounted aerial array on a Mk.VIII.
Distinctive from any angle, a head-on, in-flight view of a Mk.VI 'Stratosphere bomber'.
R3298, the prototype Mk. V, with rear turret.
После прекращения работ по высотному бомбардировщику Wellington Mk VI часть машин, имевших двигатели Rolls-Royce Merlin, переоборудовали для обучения работе с радионавигационной системой GEE.
Turret less Mk.VIA DR494. The access/escape door has the fuselage roundel over it.
Mk.V (Type 421; Mk.V (Type 436); Mk.V (Type 431); Mk.VI (Type 442); Mk.VIG (Type 449)