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??? - Oil well top cover: Sixty years of Rumanian military aviation
MiG-21F of an Interceptor Regiment, 1967.
Bristol Blenheim I of the 3rd Bomber Flotilla operating on the Soviet Front, 1942.
Representative of the wide variety of different combat aircraft with which the Rumanian air arm went to war are the Bristol Blenheim.
Heinkel He 111H-3 of No 5 Group, Zaporozh'ye area of the Ukraine, early 1943.
On the Russian Front: Heinkel He 111H-3s being "bombed up" in the Zaporozh'ye area of the Ukraine in the winter of 1942-3.
Heinkel He 112B-1, Bessarabia, September 1941.
Junkers Ju 87D-3 of Grupul 6 Picaj, the dive-bombing component of the Corpul 1 Aerian.
Nieuport 11 "Bebe" of the 3rd Fighter Squadron at Cioara attached to the 1st Rumanian Army, September 1917.
PZL P.11b of the Fighter Flotilla, Pipera-Bucuresti, 1935.
Potez 633B of the 2nd Bomber Flotilla, Ramnicu Sarat, June 1941.
On the Russian Front: the crew of a Potez 633 preparing to take off on a support mission late in 1941
Savoia-Marchetti S.M.55 of the Naval Flotilla, Constanza, 1934.
IAR-built Savoia-Marchetti S.M.79-JR of the 3rd Air Corps, 1943.
PZL P.23 Karas of the 3rd Bomber Flotilla, Focsani, June 1941.
Among the first military aircraft of indigenous design in Rumanian service was the Astra-Sesefsky observation biplane, a tandem two-seater powered by an Astra-manufactured Benz engine.
Liore et Olivier LeO 20 of the Night Bomber Squadron of the Air Combat Flotilla, Pipera-Bucuresti, 1929.
IAR 81c of the 2nd Fighter Group. summer 1945.
One of the few Rumanian combat aircraft of indigenous design to see any extensive service was the IAR 80. Photograph ilustrating the initial production version, the IAR 80A.
The first deliveries of the IAR 80 fighter to the FARR began in March 1942, entering service with the Corpul 1 Aerian during the following summer and seen here at a field in the vicinity of Stalingrad in September 1942.
IAR 39 employed in the army co-operation role, autumn 1945.
When Rumania declared war on Germany in 1944, the cross insignia gave place to the pre-war roundel, seen here on an IAR 39 army co-operation aircraft during the spring of 1945.
An He 114C-1 float seaplane of the Flotila de hidroaviatie during the summer of 1943.