Air Enthusiast 1997-03
A.Walg - Wings over the Steppes (3)
The ubiquitous Ilyushin Il-2 ‘Sturmovik’ interdictor was introduced into Mongolian skies in 1942.
Propaganda photograph of the ‘Mongolski Arat’ (Mongolian Proletarian People), part of the Soviet VVS 2nd Fighter Regiment of the 2nd Fighter Air Corps of the 322nd Air Division led by Lieutenant General Blagoveshenski and financed by contributions from Mongolia.
The Lavochkin La-7 was also introduced in 1942, serving with the Soviet forces. The type did not enter Mongolian service.
Mongolian pilots pose with their Yak-18 trainer, subsequent versions of which were introduced from 1954 onwards.
The UT-2 Two-seat Training Monoplane (110 h.p. M-11 engine).
Yakovlev UT-2s, thought to be in Mongolia, in Soviet service in the immediate post-1945 era. The UT-2 served the Mongolian forces from 1943 into the 1950s.
Ilyushin Il-2s served under Soviet command from 1942 in Mongolia. Its tenure with the indigenous forces lasted from 1945 to 1953.
Mongolian technician B Janstsan standing alongside a Soviet Yakovlev AIR-6 during World War Two.