Air Enthusiast 2001-07
T.Spencer - Land of the Rising Sun
Dakota IV KN649 at Miho in 1947. It was on the strength of the BC Air Comms Sqn but was the personal aircraft of the AOC, hence the nose markings.
Support from home for the RNZAF contingent of BCOF came from the Dakotas of 41 Squadron, such as NZ3543 in 1947.
New Zealand's contribution to BC Air was in the form of the FG-1D Corsairs of 14 Squadron, at their Iwakuni base in 1946. The second aircraft in line still shows evidence of the wartime 'barred' RNZAF markings.
Mustang IV A68-742 'FA-U' of 82 Squadron from the RAAF's 81 Fighter Wing at Iwakuni around 1947.
Sgt George Cunnington of 17 Squadron leaves his aircraft at Miho in June 1947. In the background are visiting RAAF Mustangs.
One of 77 Squadron’s Mustangs, coded 'AM-S' in unhappy circumstances after swinging on landing at Iwakuni.
Harvard IIB KF129 was serving with 4 Squadron RIAF when seen at Miho in early 1947. It was used for dual checks and later served at Iwakuni.
A Spitfire FR XIV of 11 Squadron flies over Mount Daisen in 1947.
Technicians of 4 Squadron RIAT work on their Spitfire XIVs after arrival in Japan after a long sea journey in the carrier HMS 'Vengeance'. They still wear SEAC-style roundels.
Impressive line-up 17 Squadron Spitfire XIVs was taken at Miho soon after arrival in mid-1946. The nearest aircraft belonged to the CO, Sqn Ldr 'Ginger' Lacey.
Spitfire XIV RN152 is towed away by a repair unit after bouncing on landing at Miho on July 23, 1947.
Flt Lt 'Pen' Pendred of 17 Squadron poses for the camera off the coast of Honshu whilst flying Spitfire XIV RN150 in 1947.
No 1315 Flight provided transport and liaison support for BCOF. For the latter task it used Auster Vs like TJ603 here at Miho in mid-1947.